Thursday, February 7, 2013

Among My Fav-o-rite Things: Bamboo

Bamboo tea bag box.

When my friend, Helen, gave me a beautiful bamboo tea bag box for Christmas, it reminded me how much I like bamboo. She suggested I could use it when we have Evergreen B & B guests, but we drink a lot of tea ourselves, and I put it to use immediately.

In our kitchen we have several bamboo items that are among my favorite things.  The bamboo cutting board is the best I have ever had.  Bamboo is harder than maple, and it is anti-microbial so it resists bacteria.
Bamboo cutting board.

The bamboo utensil holders complement the bamboo cutting board nicely and fit right in with other things in our kitchen.
Bamboo utensil holders.

Several years ago when we remodeled our kitchen, we replaced the ceramic tile floor with bamboo, and we love it.  It is much nicer for walking and especially for standing than the ceramic tile.
Our cat, DoorMatt, enjoying the bamboo kitchen floor.

I found this website, Core Bamboo, that has some really beautiful bamboo items.  In fact I just ordered this large bamboo tray.

I ordered the natural like the one on top here.
Bamboo trays.

Core Bamboo is having a special Valentine's sale with all items 25% off through February 14.  They have many interesting and useful bamboo items. Their website also has useful information about features of bamboo and why it is ecologically sound to use bamboo for many things.

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