Friday, February 8, 2013

A Visit From My Great Grand Nephew

Visiting my Great Grand Aunt Pat. She likes my overalls.
I was in Shelby earlier in the week, and my great grand nephew came to visit.  Is he ever cute!!!!  He's my sister's great grandson.  I can't believe that my niece, Kelly, is a grandmother.  She's a very young-looking YaYa.
My niece, Kelly, Cason's YaYa.

I don't have any children's toys in the house up there, but I did have a few children's books.  Cason, however, enjoyed playing with a set of coasters more than anything else. 
I like playing with GrandPat's coaster set.
Cason calls Uncle Adam.
I think I will rock for a while.  GrandPat has this pic a bit out of focus.

All of my grandchildren are practically grown, the youngest is eleven, so it was fun having a little one around for a while.


  1. He also was wearing little hiking boots. My niece and her family are avid hikers and they already have Cason outfitted for hiking. : )

  2. Good pictures and likes your comments.
    Cason IS a real cutie!

    Great MawMaw Martha