Friday, January 11, 2013

NC State Hunt Library on Centennial Campus

Photo from the Hunt Library website.

Friend Marcia and I ventured over to the NC State University Centennial Campus in the rain today to see the new James B. Hunt, Jr. Library which recently opened.  It is a gorgeous building---very modernistic.  It makes me want to be a student at State again.  When I was there, the Centennial Campus was not even planned I believe.  Although, I think, the Botany Department is probably still on the old campus.

The Library is named for former Governor Jim Hunt who served the state for four terms and was a great governor.
Governor Hunt. (Photo from the Wilson Times.)

Photo from the Hunt Library website.
Photo from the Hunt Library website.

Photo from the Hunt Library Website.

The lead designer for the Library was the Norwegian and New York firm Snøhetta and one can certainly see the Scandinavian influence inside and out.
Marcia at the bottom of the "yellow brick road". All the stairs are painted yellow.
Marcia relaxing in an egg chair.
Me in egg chair having fun. (Photo by Marcia.)

After visiting the Library we headed over to WhichWich for a sandwich of our choice.  This was Marcia'a first time at WhichWich.  This is the place where you can design your own sandwich.  I had an egg salad with pesto, and Marcia had a pork barbecue.  Both were delish.
You fill out your choice on the bag provided.
Indicate your choices of sauces, veggies, etc. and put your name on it before you place your order..
Your sandwich is then delivered to you in the bag that you turned in specifying Which Wich you wanted.
  We had a great time gadding about today.

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