Thursday, January 17, 2013

Learning to Use My IPhone as a Camera

My new IPhone.

I usually have my camera with me, but recently there have been a few times when I didn't so I tried to capture some pics with my new IPhone.  These are some of the first ones I've made with it. 
Briggs, the grandchildren's cat, jumps up on their fridge.
Granddaughter Grace amused at Briggs, the cat.
Briggs is down off the fridge and Grace is happy.
My grandson Zach, number 20, being introduced at the beginning of the game the other night.
Baby squirrel in tree (largest lower left branch--brownish).   
Wall of living plants in Cameron Village. 
Greenscape designs and plants these living walls.
Another living wall in Cameron Village.

 It's hard to ignore these living walls too.

Not as good as a camera, but pretty good for a phone.  At least I always have my phone with me.

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