Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fats the Cat at Hemingway House in Key West

Fats Waller, a polydactyl (six-toed) cat.
Hemingway was quite fond of cats, particularly ones that were polydactyl (having six toes), and at the Hemingway house there are still 50 or so cats, likely descendents of the ones Hemingway had, and many there now are polydactyl. Instead of the normal five front toes on the paw, there is a sixth toe that makes the paw look as if it is a "mitten".

As we toured the Hemingway House in Key West recently I was particularly taken with the cats, being a cat lover myself.  Apparently they never leave the confines of the Hemingway House property, but with the perks they get they are smart to refrain from roaming.  There's even a vet that checks in regularly to care for the cats. 

Hemingway named his cats for famous people and the tradition continues. The one that followed along on our tour of the house has the moniker Fats Waller.  The cats are not shy and never seemed to be spooked by crowds of people. 
Fats Waller enjoying the tour.
Patrick and Fats Waller.
Fats Waller on Hemingway bed.

Liz Taylor.
And here's Liz  Taylor lounging on the living room sofa.

Indeed the cats at the Hemingway House have a very comfy life.

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