Saturday, December 22, 2012

Almost Ready for Christmas

Two more days until Christmas, and I'm just about done with everything.  We put up a small tree this year, so that didn't take long to decorate.  I put on some of our favorite ornaments.
Michael made this when he was in kindergarten.
This is one of Patrick's favorite ornaments.
Grace made this when she was in kindergarten.

My friend Patti Hinton made this ornament.
This little angel is made from pasta.
This glass ornament looks so much like real candy that folks are tempted to eat it.

The "Dirty Santa" gifts are all wrapped and ready for Christmas Eve.  We always play this game on Christmas Eve when the grands are here.  I buy all the gifts and I have a lot of fun doing this.  The grands always ask, "Are we going to play Dirty Santa this year?"---even now that they are almost grown.
Dirty Santa gifts ready for Christmas Eve. There will be eleven of us this year.
 The spiced pecans are ready for friends and neighbors.
Spiced pecans ready for neighbors.
Check out the recipe for pecans.
And I have one batch of cookies, chocolate chip, baked.  I still have to make another batch or two of cookies and toffee.  I'm also going to make meringue cookies/candy this year.  I haven't made a cake nor a pie---but I may make the Lottie Lane Fruitcake that Mama always made before New Year's.  This will be one of the few years that I haven't made it. 
Chocolate chip cookies.

Lane fruitcake that I made two years ago.

This was always my favorite fruitcake.  All the fruit is in the icing and filling.