Monday, November 5, 2012

Pullen Park Rally with Bill Clinton

Photo from the News and Observer website.

When I heard that Bill Clinton was going to be in Raleigh on Sunday, you better believe I made plans so that I could attend the rally at Pullen Park.  I went early and had a seat near the front and right beside the VIP and Press section. (I lucked out with this.)
I'm right up front at the rally.

This is the third time I've seen Bill Clinton in person.  The first time was when he was in Durham during his first campaign---that time I shook his hand and got an autograph on the back of a campaign button. 
My Bill Clinton autograph.

Then when Patrick and I were in Ireland for the Ryder Cup several years ago, I was watching Tiger Woods come down the fairway, and suddenly the crowd starting shouting "Bill", "Bill" and I turned around and there was a golf cart with Clinton and his Service detail following along behind Tiger.  Clinton got out and came over and greeted the crowd.  Folks were more excited about Clinton than about Tiger (and that included me.)

On Sunday, we waited quite a while for Clinton.

I was right beside the Press Corps and couldn't help noticing this cute little reporter dressed as if he were from Scotland with a spiffy wool jacket and cap.  I asked, he wasn't. But he said he had spent some time in England.
Reporter with Press Corps.

Other NC Democrats gave speeches, the band played and I kept watching to see who was behind the curtain, where all the dignitaries emerged.
Bev emerges from behind the curtain.
Finally out came Clinton.
Clinton emerges (Photo from News and Observer website.)
He still has a spring in his step.
Clinton walks right past where we are standing.
The crowd loved Clinton.
The crowd loved Clinton ( Photo from the News and Observer website.)
And Clinton loves the crowd.
Clinton loves the crowd (Photo from the News and Observer website.)
As you can see, I'm a real Bill Clinton fan.  I only wish Presidents could serve a third time.  I would love to see Bill back in the White House.


  1. Oh, I'm a Bill Clinton fan too.

  2. Yes, I would like to have Bill Clinton back in the White House.
    A NC voter

  3. He's as handsome as ever.... wish Obama would
    let him help out with getting the economy back
    on track!
    We sure have voted for him as a write in !!!!