Friday, November 9, 2012

Opa, A Greek Restaurant in Greensboro, NC

On Tuesday I went up to Greensboro to spend the day and night with friend Virginia.  We watched the election returns together, but before that we ventured downtown to have lunch at Opa the Greek Restaurant.

It was a cool and wet day and a cup of hot spiced tea to begin with was welcome.
Spiced hot tea.
 The decor also provided a warm and toasty atmosphere.

Warm and inviting ambiance.

We each chose a bowl of Avgolemono the egg-lemon based chicken and rice soup.  But instead of rice they use orzo which looks like a big grain of rice, but actually is pasta.  The soup was perfect for a cool afternoon.
Greek soupa.

Kataifi, a Greek pastry that looks like it is wrapped in shredded wheat, is a traditional pastry of shredded phyllo dough made with nuts on the inside and soaked in a sugar or honey syrup, and this provided a perfect ending for a fine lunch.
After lunch we hurried down the street to shop at Mack and Mack, a women's apparel store.  More about that in another blog.

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  1. Great place... Food and staff was amazing... Drinks were strong and fair priced.