Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mack and Mack in Greensboro

Mack and Mack

Recently my friend Mary gave me a flyer from Mack and Mack a women’s apparel designer, manufacturer and retail shop in Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina that offers an affordable and fun couturier experience. I had lamented to Mary that it was difficult for me to find jackets that fit because of lymphedema in my left arm as a result of breast cancer twenty years ago.  My left arm is larger than my right so a jacket that fits my right arm and body is too tight in the left arm.  Mary thought Mack and Mack might be a good resource for jackets because they can do special sizings.
The interior of Mack and Mack.

The other day when friend Virginia and I were on our way to Opa, a Greek restaurant in downtown Greensboro, we happened to pass by Mack and Mack.  After lunch we went into the shop in search for a jacket.  Happily, they are making me a jacket that will fit.  The body and right arm will be one size and the left sleeve will be made larger to fit my arm.  Hurrah!!!!  I was able to choose a design and fabric that I liked.  They have six seamstresses in the back of the downtown store that make the clothes that have been designed by their designer with fabrics they have chosen.  It's a fun store.
Fabric for my jacket.

In addition to the clothes they make, they have a nice selection of scarves, handbags, and jewelry from other vendors. 
They have an interesting collection of jewelry.

Pretty scarf and pretty jewelry.
There's a collection of "rabbits" throughout the store including these whimsical ones.

Their resident dog was very friendly.
I thoroughly enjoyed my first shopping experience at Mack and Mack's and am eager to return for another, and I'm looking forward to the new jacket that should be ready in about three weeks.

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