Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shopping for Cotillion Dresses with Grace

The clerk shows Grace dresses of her size.

Eleven year old granddaughter, Grace, begins her Cotillion classes next week at the Carolina Country Club, and we went shopping for dresses the other afternoon.  Having never had a daughter, I'm lucky to do a lot of "girly" things with this one granddaughter of mine.  Grace had been shopping with her Mom earlier and had found a couple of dresses she liked and had bought her little white gloves.  But on Saturday she knew exactly where she wanted to go, Palm Avenue in Cameron Village where clothes for babies to women are sold.  They had a limited number of dresses in Grace's size, but they were all cute.
Palm Avenue in Cameron Village.

First she tried a black dress with white trim and matching black cropped sweater.
The first dress she tried.

I persuaded her to try a playful white dress with black cats.  A black sweater would complement this very well.  This was my favorite.
I liked this little dress with cats and a big black bow in front.
She finally tried a pink dress with a soft not shiny gold trim around the neck and sleeves with a matching cropped sweater.
Grace getting help with the dress of her choice.
She likes this one.

Her final choice.

I must admit, I've never really liked to "shop", but shopping with and for a granddaughter makes it a little more fun.  The next thing I know, she will be shopping for makeup.  Kids grow up too quickly these days.

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