Thursday, September 27, 2012

SweeTango: You Gotta Try These

SweeTango on tree (Photo by

It's fall and apple season here in North Carolina.  If you're an apple lover, you must try the newest kid on the block, SweeTango (yes there's only one "t" and it's capitalized and it's one word).  This summer in Nova Scotia, I first sampled this delicious apple, and recently Laura emailed me to say that our local Whole Foods has this apple in its offerings.  I hurried over to lay in a supply.
Bin of beautiful SweeTango apples at Whole Foods.
 University of Minnesota produced this variety of apple from their breeding program. The SweeTango is a  hybrid between the Honeycrisp (mother) apple and the Zestar apple (pollinator, "father"). David Bedford, the inventor of the Minneiska (SweeTango brand) apple believes that it's one of the best apples discovered in 100 years of breeding at the University of Minnesota.

Check out this video extolling the virtues of SweeTango.

So move over Honeycrisp, here comes SweeTango. 

This is a delicious eating apple, crunchy and sweet.  The Waldorf salad I made using this crispy apple was quite good.  I haven't tried it in a pie or in an apple crisp, but that's on my list of things to do, so I'll let you know how it cooks.

We must look into getting a SweeTango apple tree to plant at Marble Mountain.  I bet it would thrive there. It certainly grows in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.

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