Saturday, September 1, 2012

Smoked Salmon for Lunch

Smoked salmon.
We've discovered the best maple smoked salmon on this trip  It's smoked by St. Mary's River Smokehouses over on the eastern shore of the mainland.  Both Sobey's and the Atlantic Superstore grocery stores carry it.  We've eaten a lot of this salmon this summer.
St. Mary's River Smoked  salmon.

Alan (Dan's cousin) and Jan had lunch with us the other day, and we served this smoked salmon.  Alan and Jan live in Victoria, British Columbia, but they have a summer place here in Cape Breton.

Copper Pennies Carrot Salad.
With the smoked salmon we had Copper Pennies Carrot Salad.  I used mint leaves instead of a green bell pepper in this marinated salad, and it was a nice substitution.  Dan's applesauce made from the Yellow Transparent Apples and steamed broccoli rounded out the meal.
Steamed broccoli.
Wild blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream provided a nice finish for lunch.
Wild blueberry pie.

After lunch we picked crab apples.  Our tree is loaded this year, and Jan wanted to get some to make jelly.  I saved a few to make some jelly too. (More about that later.)

Nice crop of crab apples.

Alan and Jan picking crab apples.
Dan picking crab apples.

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