Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saw a Moose; Ate a Moose

Cow moose crossing the road. (Photo by Dan Livingstone.)
On Tuesday morning as we headed back into Gros Morne Park from our cabin at Cow Head, Newfoundland, Dan had his camera ready as we were hoping to see a moose.  It was about noon, and it was a bit overcast, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a cow moose and her calf off in an opening on the passenger side of the car between the road and the beach.  I came to a screeching halt and slowly backed up. The moose went into a wooded area, but it looked as if they were heading for the road.

I told Dan to be ready to get a pic when suddenly the cow moose bolted out of the woods right in front of our stopped car.  The calf followed closely behind her. Dan shot these pics through the windshield and they're not bad photos considering the moose were moving pretty fast.
Young calf moose following his mother across the road. (Photo by Dan Livingstone.)
We felt that the moose sighting had made our day.

After spending some time at the Visitor's Center at the Park we went to Rocky Harbor, the largest town in the Park  Dan calls it the "Myrtle Beach" of Gros Morne Park since it seems to be mainly a tourist town.  After seeing Rocky Harbor we were happy that we were staying out at Cow Head near Shallow Bay a more remote location.
Earle's Restaurant, home of the moose burger.
One thing we did enjoy in Rocky Harbor was lunch at Earle's Restaurant where I had a moose burger.  I asked them to serve it on their homemade bread rather than on a bun.  It was very good---much leaner than beef, and it didn't have the "gamey" taste that deer, for example, has.
Moose burger topped with mustard, catsup, relish.
To finish off a good meal, Dan and I shared a partridge berry sundae.
Partridge berry sundae.

And we got a bottle of moose meat to take home.
Bottled moose meat.

Yes indeed, this was a good "moose" day.

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