Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sailing on the Atlantic Vision to Newfoundland

The Atlantic Vision, our ferry from North Sydney to Newfoundland.
On Sunday we sailed from North Sydney to Port-aux- Basques in western Newfoundland on the ferry, Atlantic Vision.
In line at the ferry.

Ready to drive into the bow of the ship.

 The ship is beautifully designed and can accommodate 702 passengers and 531 cars.  We had booked a private outside cabin for the six hour trip so that we could have a nap and so that we would have our own private bathroom.
Desk in our cabin and wonderful connection to the internet.

Our beds.

 Maggie was in her kennel in a special place on the top deck where we could visit her, but we were not allowed to take her out of the kennel.

The sailing is quite smooth.  One of the crew members told us that it is smooth most of the time, even through the ice in the winter.

We had lunch at the buffet.
Dining room.
There was a room where there was entertainment and a casino, which I avoided.  Although I usually make one trip each summer to the casino in Sydney with my girl friends up here.

The reception area on the seventh floor.
Yes, this was a delightful and smooth crossing, and I heartily recommend a trip to Newfoundland via this ferry, The Atlantic Vision.

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