Thursday, August 23, 2012

Right Some Good Crab Cake Cook Off

Crab cakes cooking at the Cook Off.
The Civic Center in Port Hawkesbury was the site Sunday of the Crab Cake Cook Off among eight chefs (professional and student chefs) of the area.  This was part of the Right Some Good food events held throughout Cape Breton for the second year this summer.  Dan and I attended the dinner on Saturday night (more about that later) and I went back on Sunday afternoon to watch the Cook Off.  I must say it was more fun than the dinner---and it was free. 
Contestant preparing his crab cakes.

Ingredients that one chef chose to add to the pound of snow crab meat.
The competing chefs were given a pound of snow crab (provided by Louisbourg Seafoods) that they were required to use in their preparation of crab cakes.  They could use any other ingredients they chose, and they were given 45 minutes in which to make and plate the four servings that were then whisked away to the judges for tasting.
Plated and ready for the judges.
It was great fun watching these chefs prepare crab cakes in many different ways.  We could observe up close as they prepared their dishes, but only the judges were able to actually taste the crab cakes.
The international chefs participating in Right Some Good were the judges.

Waiting for the judges decision.

Beautiful presentation of the winning chef.
The winner was Richard Moore of the Lobster Pound in North Sydney.  He had a beautiful presentation with the crab cakes served on mirrored plates. I'm sure presentation was one of the factors in choosing the winner.  I had hoped that the winning recipe would be made available, but I can't seem to find it online.
Richard Moore, the winning chef, receiving congratulations from someone special.
The next time I'm in North Sydney I'm going to have lunch or dinner at The Lobster Pound and ask for Richard's  recipe for the crab cakes.

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  1. Pat, Norman and I have eaten at the Lobster Pound and Moore in North Sydney and I would highly recommend it! You HAVE to have reservations if you are planning to go on the weekend, though. It is very unassuming on the outside, but it is more than worth the drive in to North Sydney! xoxo