Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Lucky Ducky Won the Race

My lucky duck number 4. (Photo by David Dauphinee.)
Last Sunday we missed the Family Day Activities at the Marble Mountain Beach because we were in Newfoundland. This annual event provides a fun weekend for the community and raises money for the Marble Mountain Wharf Preservation Society.

On Saturday night at the dinner I gave Janet $5.00 to buy me five ducks for the duck race since I was going to be away.  For a looney one could buy a duck and usually all 300 ducks are bought.  The ducks are taken out into the water and released and the first duck that reaches the shore wins the race and the person who bought that duck wins $150 (half of the total $300 raised for that event).
Release of 300 ducks at Marble Mountain Beach. (Photo by Janet Beavers.)
It was the following Wednesday when I got a message from friend Iris saying, "Has anyone told you that your duck won the race?"  We were still in Newfoundland, and I had not heard.  I was so excited and regretted that I had not been there to experience the winning first hand.

Pat receiving $150. for her winning duck from Dave Dauphinee. (Photo by Dan Livingstone.)

Dave presented me with the winning money, and I gave it right back as a donation to the Wharf Preservation Society..

One of the favorite games at the Family Day Activities was the "Pottie Toss" where children tossed a pack of toilet tissue into a "toilet".  Janet and Vicki who were in charge of this game found a 1960s blue toilet that had been placed along the roadside for pickup and converted it into this game.  Someone must have installed a new low flush modern toilet to replace the outdated "blue" toilet.  I wonder who?
Vicki supervising the "Pottie Toss" game at Family Day. (Photo by Janet Beavers.)
It seems that Family Day was again a big success, and it was certainly fun for me, even in absentia.  From now on "4" is going to be my lucky number.  Thank you Janet for signing me up for number four.

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  1. I think the pottie toss is hilarious.