Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maggie in Peril

Our dog, Maggie. (Photo by Alain.)
We had quite a scare with our dog Maggie the other night when she began showing signs of respiratory distress.  She seemed to be trying to cough up something without success and was making wheezing sounds as if something were caught in her trachea.  It was even more scary because we were over in St. Ann's quite far from a vet, and it was late on Saturday night.  We headed for Sydney while making calls to an emergency vet number there, but we were encouraged to go to Baddeck which was closer. 

It was about two in the morning on Sunday when we reached the Baddeck Veterinary Clinic and were met by Dr. Golding.
Baddeck Veterinary Clinic.
After an xray of her esophagus and trachea showed nothing, it became necessary for him to sedate her and insert a device into her throat to determine what was causing the obstruction.  What he found was a large blade of grass with one end in her esophagus and the other in her windpipe.
Dr. Golding saved the blade of grass he removed from Maggie's throat.
 He was able to remove this, and by 9:00 on Sunday morning she was able to go home with us. It was quite a frightening experience for us and for Maggie, and we were quite relieved to have her breathing normally again.
Maggie safe at home.

Thanks so much to Dr. Golding for helping  Maggie.

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