Monday, August 20, 2012

Laura’s Blueberry Pancakes

Laura's wild blueberry pancakes.

It’s always nice having Laura and Anthony with us at Marble Mountain.  Laura treats us to blueberry pancakes quite frequently for breakfast.  She makes the BEST pancakes I’ve ever had.  Lots of wild blueberries are incorporated into the batter that she makes using multi-grain pancake mix and her secret ingredients.

Here are some of the ingredients.

She mixes in lots of wild blueberries.
Mixing in lots of wild blueberries.

Apparently the temperature at which the pancakes cook is critical.  And Laura seems to get it just right.
Pancake filled with wild blueberries.
Pancake browning.
Pancake garnished with bananas, blackberries, maple syrup, cassis syrup, and butter.

We garnish our pancakes with melted butter, pure maple syrup, and in this case bananas, wild black berries, and  cassis (black currant) syrup.  Yum!!

Nothing left behind here.
I cleaned my plate.

Our dogs get a special treat as well, because both Mona and Maggie enjoy the pancakes.
Here's Laura and Anthony's dog, Mona, having her share of the pancakes.
Mona waiting patiently to get a bite of pancakes.

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