Saturday, August 11, 2012

Games Night at the Marble Mountain Hall

Marble Mountain Games Night.
This weekend is the Marble Mountain family weekend with special events going on Friday through Sunday.  The weekend began with a special Games Night at the Hall.  Games Nights are every Wednesday night, but this Friday night was a special event  I went mainly to socialize.  I don't play darts which is the big game of the evening.
Marble Mountain Community Hall.

Darts is the main game of Games Night.
The Hall has been recently renovated and looks quite spiffy.  Window boxes add a cheery note to the outside and pretty new curtains brighten up the kitchen.
Window box adds cheery note to the outside.
Pretty curtains adorn the newly renovated kitchen.

Carolyn preparing refreshments in the renovated kitchen.
A small group, which I joined, played two card games.  Five Crowns and Quiddler.  The games were new to me, and the other players were quite tolerant with my inexperience.
Five Crowns card game.
Quiddler card game.

 I enjoyed seeing everyone and will likely go back on Wednesday nights to play again. It's a great opportunity to meet new friends and to get to know the neighbors.

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