Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From Maggie to Gracie: A Year's Worth of Blogging

Last year on August 7, when I began this blog, I had no idea I would still be blogging.  I established this blog at the request of my boys when they suggested I post about the trip we were about to make to Italy.  I started in August so that I would have the kinks worked out by the time we went to Italy in September.  My first blog was about flying with our dog Maggie to Nova Scotia.
Maggie ready to travel.

I began to enjoy posting something each day, and before I knew it I had decided I was going to post every day for a year, and I've managed to do that.  I can write several blogs in advance and schedule them to appear whenever I wish.  Of course, something always comes up and I have to slip in a blog not previously scheduled.  A friend asked me if I had done things or gone places that I would not have done had I not been blogging, and the answer is yes.  I will see mention of a concert or an art show or something and think,"That would make a good blog post". So off I go.  I think this has broadened my horizons.

Yesterday was the one year "anniversary" of my blog, when I posted birthday wishes to my eleven year old granddaughter, Grace.
Granddaughter Grace.

I've been happy to get to know some of my followers and to meet other bloggers.  I plan to continue my blog, but I won't post every single day, but more like twice a week.  So I'll be happy for you to continue to gadabout with me whenever you like.  Who knows where the blog will take us!!!!  So stay tuned.

Interesting note:  The post that received the most page views this past year was Lunch at the Depot, Lattimore, NC

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