Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Serendipitous Lunch in Baddeck

Last weekend in Port Hawkesbury I ran into a friend, Shirley, that I had met on my first trip to Cape Breton .  Shirley and her family have a summer cottage just down the road from our place.  That summer when our younger son Patrick was along he had played with Shirley's boys during our stay here.  Despite her cottage being so near, I hadn't seen her for a number of years. 
Dan and Alexa shared stories of their fathers.
I learned that Shirley is now very active in the NDP here in Nova Scotia, so I asked if she knew Alexa, who is also active in the NDP and is the daughter of a friend of Dan and his father.  As it turned out she and Alexa are indeed friends.  Dan for years had been hoping to connect with Alexa during our visits to Nova Scotia so it was serendipitious over the weekend when I got an email from Shirley saying that Alexa was visiting and that they were heading to Baddeck to meet Alexa's friend, Betty and since we too were in Baddeck could we all get together for lunch. 
Betty's lovely summer house on the Baddeck waterfront.
We had planned to meet at the Inverary Inn for lunch, but when we discovered they didn't serve lunch, Betty insisted that we have lunch at her place.

Lovely lunch.

Blueberry cake and rhubarb crumble.

Betty's garden, a beautiful venue for lunch.

Pond in back yard. What a view!

Alexa and Betty have been friends since their youth.
Meeting Alexa and her friend Betty was delightful, and it was fun to spend an afternoon with Shirley as well.  Dan and Alexa were able to share stories of  their fathers and of friends in the NDP. Thanks Shirley for arranging this serendipitous get together.

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