Thursday, August 9, 2012

A "Ranch" in Marble Mountain

Between our house and the village of Marble Mountain about two miles away, there are numerous little roads leading to summer cottages or permanent homes down by the lake.  I visited one of these the other day.  Our neighbor,Wendy, just down the road from us has the most wonderful garden, yard and even a "ranch".  I took some pics to share with you. 

One can sit on this marvelous sculptured bench of teak on the deck and look out over the lake.  What a bench and what a view.
Sculptured teak bench. 
View out over the lake.

The deck is adorned with pretty hanging baskets.

Just a short walk away and there's a vegetable garden with lettuce and tomatoes.
Beautiful tomato plants and lettuce.

Enormous pumpkin vines grow in a bank of aged manure.  Wendy doesn't waste that rich organic material, and I'll bet she'll have some great pumpkins by Halloween.
Pumpkin vines.

On to the ranch and a pretty horse and a pet sheep.
Lady Bug Ranch

Wendy"s horse.
Pet sheep.

I enjoyed my visit with Wendy and a tour of her "ranch" the other day.  

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