Friday, July 6, 2012

Visiting Lawrence at St. Anne Centre

St. Anne Centre in Arichat.

Lawrence and Christene Campbell, our dear friends and neighbors in Marble Mountain for many years, moved into Port Hawkesbury last year and just recently Lawrence moved out to Arichat to the Veteran's Wing of St. Anne Centre.

Last Sunday, Dan and I picked up Christene and Brian, their son who was up from Halifax, and went over to Arichat for a visit with Lawrence. We were happy to find Lawrence in fine form and liking his new digs.
A nice porch with a view of the ocean.

Another nice patio.

A pretty fountain

St. Anne Centre is a very pleasant place with a beautiful view of the ocean and with a staff that is friendly, caring, and devoted to their job.  Some of the staff remember Lawrence from the time he was running the general store in Marble Mountain where they would stop by when they were out on the lake fishing or were down on the beach swimming.  He was known for his "Marble Moutain Special" ice cream flavor which was a mixture of whatever he happened to have on hand. 
The grounds are well kept and there are lots of pretty flowers.

Lawrence and Brian enjoying the porch.

Marble Mountain will never be the same for Dan and me with Lawrence and Christene not living nearby, but we are happy they are close enough for us to visit .  Port Hawkesbury and Arichat are each about a 30 minute trip from here.

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