Thursday, July 26, 2012

Slushy Rhubarb Punch

Slushy rhubarb punch.
I like to use rhubarb in many different ways:  jam, pies, crisps, cakes and one of my favorite ways to use rhubarb is in punch.  Here's a favorite recipe I found on  It's easy and makes a great punch---one that isn't too sweet.  The rhubarb gives it a nice tart taste.

    Slushy Rhubarb Punch (from
    12 servings

6 cups chopped fresh or frozen rhubarb
7 cups water divided
2 cups sugar
3/4 up orange juice concentrate
3/4 cup lemonade concentrate
2 liters ginger ale or Italian lemon soda
fresh mint for garnish

1.  Bring the rhubarb and 4 cups water to boil.
6 cups of rhubarb.
Simmer until rhubarb is soft.

2.  Simmer, uncovered, 5-8 minutes, until rhubarb is soft.
3.  Mash rhubarb and press through sieve to remove pulp.
Press through sieve or strainer to remove pulp.
4.  Discard pulp.

5.  To rhubarb juice add sugar, 3 cups water, orange juice and lemonade concentrates.  
Add concentrates.
Ready to freeze.

6.  Freeze until solid, about 4 hours.
7.  Thaw about 45 minutes to an hour before serving.
8.  Scrap slush off the top as it thaws, place equal amounts of slush and soda in each glass.
Add slush to glass.
9.  Add soda, garnish with mint, stir and serve.
Garnish and enjoy.

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