Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pretty Flowers for an Afternoon Party

We are enjoying a visit from friends that we met on the trip to Italy last fall.  Mary is from Raleigh, and actually lives a couple of miles from us.
Mary getting ready for party.

 Shelley and Jesse live in Newport News Virginia.

This afternoon we had a party here at the house in Cape Brerton and a number of our friends were here.   Mary and Shelley did a marvelous job arranging flowers for the occasion.  They mixed flowers they bought at Sobey's with some of the local wild flowers.  Shelley is also a terrific photographer.
Shelley the photographer.

 I'm going to share some of the photographs with you.  Enjoy!!!
Wild flowers from the farm in cup.
Table in sun room.

Flower on sideboard in sun room.
Goldenrod and Yarrow in blue vase.

Flowers on library table.

Wall pocket in sun room.
Delicate arrangement in bath.
 We are enjoying these beautiful arrangements.  Thank you Mary and Shelley!

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  1. All are beautiful but
    goldenrod and Yarrow are my favorite.