Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gabrieau's Bistro

Gabrieau's Bistro.

Dan and I had our second lunch in a week at a little bistro in Antigonish yesterday.  On Monday we discovered Gabrieau's Bistro, and we were so impressed we had lunch there again yesterday.  This restaurant is a gem in a quaint little town.

 We had a hard time deciding what to order there were so many interesting items on the menu.
Decisions, decisions, what to order!!!
There were a number of interesting selections for cold drinks, and I chose a Coffee Crisp Drink---coffee, hazelnut, ice, chocolate.  Superb!
Coffee  crisp drink.
It was a hot day and I chose a cold soup.  Delicious!  Pineapple and sweet corn with basil creme fraiche.  This might sound like a strange combination but it was so good and it was quite refreshing
Pineapple, sweet corn soup served cold with a topping of basil creme fraiche.

The lunch special which both Dan and I chose was a fish cake topped with a tiny crab cake and lemon aioli sauce that gave it just a bit of a bite served with tabouli,
Fish caked topped with crab cake served with tabouli.
I had to pass on dessert, but I had the first bite of Dan's dessert, pumpkin crème brûlée.  One of life's little pleasures is taking the first bite of crème brûlée breaking through the caramelized topping to expose the creamy custard underneath..  This was as pleasurable as always.
Pumpkin  crème brûlée.

The first spoonful of crème brûlée.  One of life's little pleasures.
We've found our new favorite restaurant in Antigonish.  And I can't wait to return.

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