Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eye Candy at the Halifax Farmer's Market

Strawberries and blueberries
Dan and I made it down to the Halifax Farmer's Market at Pier One very early on Saturday morning just after they opened and before it was  crowded.  And what a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of other produce from local farmers---baked goods, honey, eggs, meat, fish.  And lots of lovely flowers.  I'll share some of the eye candy with you.

More flowers.
And more flowers.

How about a tall, cool glass of fresh lemonade or limeade?
Fresh lemonade and limeade.
Meats, bread, honey------


The Market is open on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I'll be going back when my friend, Mary, from Raleigh visits in a week or so.
The Market.

Inside the Market.
Because we were traveling, we weren't able to bring much home with us, but we did get a lovely bunch of carrots and several bunches of rhubarb.

And some dog treats for Maggie.
Treats for Maggie.

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