Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Unusual Deck of Cards

The ten of hearts from Jose's 2012 set of cards (Photo from his website.)

Sunday's News and Observer had an article about Emmauel Jose, who creates paper cutting art. I was intrigued and decided to explore his artwork.

In 2011, Jose made a deck of playing cards, creating one giant paper-cut card per week that he frames so that the end of the year, he had made a complete deck of 52 cards.   I went down to Cup A Joe's in Mission Valley to have a cup of hot chocolate and to see Jose's exhibit.
Cup A Joe's in Mission Valley.

Jose's exhibit.

He called the 2011 set of cards the "Curator Deck".  Here are two cards from that deck.
The ace of hearts in the 2011 set of cards.

The ace of spades in the 2011 set of cards.

 This year (2012) he's making a deck of cards with a bird theme.

The seven of spades from the 2012 collection.(Photo from his website.)
The Queen of spades in the 2012 collection. (Photo from his website.)

You can check out his art and order a deck of cards at http://ncyclopedia.tumblr.com/ . and check out his video from You Tube.

I find his artwork fascinating, and I hope to get a deck of his cards.

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