Sunday, June 17, 2012

RC Cola and a Moon Pie

When I was in Shelby the other day I noticed Moon Pies in the cookie section at Ingles grocery store. A Moon Pie is a cookie that consists of two round graham crackers with marshmallow fluff in the center and dipped in chocolate. The traditional pie is about four inches in diameter.

It reminded me of my childhood in Cleveland County where in the summer time my sister, our neighbor friend and I would walk or ride our bikes up the road to Lowell McSwain's store or down the road to Pink Lovelace's store and buy a Moon Pie and a drink.  It was about a half mile from our house to either of these stores. As I recall the Moon Pie probably cost a nickle as did the Coca Cola.  Most folks apparently drank an RC Cola with the Moon Pie, but I never liked the RC.

I bought a box of the Mini Moon Pies---in my childhood there was only one size for the Moon Pie, and it wasn't mini.  I thought I would take these back home and see what my grands thought of them.
The Mini Moon Pie.

Two bites of the Moon Pie.
 For some reason, these don't taste the same as they did when I was a child.

As I was reading about the history of the Moon Pie, I found that yestserday there was a Moon Pie Festival in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.  The Chattanooga Bakery developed the Moon Pie and it insured Chattanooga Bakery's survival during the Great Depression.

And here's a song about the RC Cola and a Moon Pie.

It's possible to make your own cookies that are similar to Moon Pies.  Check out Judy's Blog for her recipe.

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  1. Pat, what a cute post! Nothing tastes the same as it did when we were children. We've changed.