Monday, June 18, 2012

The Original Davis Street House

The little rock house at the top of our street is the first house built in this part of Raleigh, supposedly in 1930, when this was a farm and not part of the city of Raleigh.  A Mr. Davis built the house and farmed the area back in the 30s and 40s, and now the street is named for him.  When we first moved to Davis Street back in the 70s, I fell in love with that house.

Several years ago the house was for sale, and I feared that it would be torn down and new houses built on the lot. (Notice I said houses, plural. It's a big lot.) But Diane, the new owner, renovated it, and now it is being leased by a young woman who was a student at Louisburg College back in the late 70s when I was on the faculty there.  I didn't teach Sandra, but one of her best friends, Teresa,  was one of my biology students. (In fact, Sandra remembers visiting me here once with her friend Teresa when they were students.)  It is great to have Sandra as a neighbor---we can reminisce about the College back in the day.

Sandra has decorated with style and pizazz.  I visited the other day and took some photos to share on my blog.  I love what she's done with the house. I especially like all the bright art work throughout the house.

Bright and cheery artwork.

The living room.
The original fireplace houses an insert, and I bet this would keep the whole house warm in winter.  The original chimney adds character to the exterior.
The original fireplace with a wood-burning insert.

The original chimney of the house.

The bedroom is large and airy, and I especially like the painting of Chapel Hill's Franklin Street over the bed.  (Sandra is a UNC graduate.)
Large and airy bedroom.
I was struck by the bright Orange Crush clock in the kitchen.  It adds pop to the white cabinets of the kitchen.
Orange Crush clock.

As I said, Mr. Davis personally built this house, and the rock is very unusual.  I'll have to get Dan to have a look and tell me what kind it is.
Very unusual rock.

A pretty hanging basket of petunias adorns the front porch, and the landscaping includes rock pathways and walls to match the house itself. The big back yard provides a place for Diane, who renovated the house, to park her vintage 1960 Airstream.
Petunias on the porch.
Back patio.

Diane's vintage 1960 Airstream.

Sandra spends most of the winter at her house in Denver, where she enjoys winter sports.  But it's great to have her as a neighbor during the rest of the year.  And I love, love, love what she's done with the little rock house.


  1. Hi "Grandpat", its great that they didnt destroy the house and lose its historic significance forever. Whats the rock houses # on Davis Street? I like to admire and make scrapbooks of old historical houses in NC. thanks

    1. It is at the corner of Oberlin and Davis Street---well almost at the corner, there is another house built at the corner now, but you can see it from Oberlin. I just saw your comment so I apologize for responding so late.