Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lunch With Bob and Sally

A pretty table.
One of Dan's former grad students, Bob, and his wife Sally live in Columbia, and we had the pleasure of lunching with them while we were there.  Sally prepared a delicious lunch:  cheese cornbread, green salad, crab salad, and blueberry cream  pie.

I was in the kitchen chatting away with Sally while she was making the cornbread, and after she had put the cornbread in the oven she exclaimed, "Oh, I forgot to put the grated cheddar cheese in the cornbread!"
I felt responsible, since I was distracting her with my chatter.  I suggested she put the cheese on top of the partially baked bread.  She did and it turned out beautifully.
Cheese cornbread, hot out of the oven.
The green salad and the crab salad were both light and delicious.
Green salad.

Crab salad.
I was so busy enjoying the dessert, a blueberry cream pie, that I forgot to take a photo.  However.I did get the recipe, and I plan to make one when we get to Marble Mountain.  I will share the recipe and a photo on another post.

Bob and Sally's Danish wood-burning stove.
I did however take a photo of their Danish wood-burning stove.  I would love to have a stove like this in Marble Mountain. 

Thanks Sally for a delightful and delicious lunch.

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