Friday, June 22, 2012

Groupon Coupon for NoFo at the Pig

Friend Mary Todd ( just back from her Florida trip),  Dan and I had dinner last night at NoFo at the Pig.  Although I had eaten lunch there recently, (June 5th Post), I was ready for another good meal.  And we had a Groupon Coupon  that we needed to use since it expires before we return from Nova Scotia.  
Our Groupon coupon.

I had their special soup, roasted tomatoes with smoked Gouda, and a salad.  Dan had the soup and catfish, and he declared his meal the best fish meal he's had in Raleigh (excluding ones at home).  Mary liked her shrimp burger.
My house salad with balsamic dressing.

Mary's shrimp burger (without the bun).

Mary and I had tea but no dessert.  I chose a lemon grass-ginger tea that was in the cutest little tea bag I've ever seen.  And the tea was delicious.  Dan opted for the passion fruit sorbet garnished with blue berries. 
Cute little tea bag.
Lemon grass with ginger tea.

Dan's passion fruit sorbet.

Another good meal at the NoFo.

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