Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Lunch 2012

Father's Day Lunch (Photo by Anthony Benson.)
 Laura and Anthony were here on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day with Dan.  I prepared a Mediterranean lunch with goodies mainly from Neomonde Deli.  Although I did the asparagus, the deviled eggs and sliced tomatoes with basil.
Asparagus and black olives.

Deviled eggs and tabouli. 

 Laura brought baked egg custard, one of Dan's favorite desserts.

Delicious egg custard.

The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed sitting outside after lunch where the dogs, Mona and Maggie, had fun playing.

Mona and Maggie playing in the Liriope. (Photo by Anthony Benson)

Dan on Father's Day 2012 (Photo by Anthony Benson.)

A fun day for all.

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