Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anniversary Dinner at Klara's

Klara Novakova.

Dan and I celebrated our anniversary last Sunday with a dinner at Klara's  in Cary.  Klara's has authentic Czech cuisine, and if you've never had Czech cuisine it's a lot like German or Polish.  We were first introduced to this restaurant by friends Steve and Jane Vogel whose recommendations are always right on.

We shared an appetizer of potato pancakes served with sour cream.
Appetizer, potato pancakes with sour cream.

The entree special for the evening was 1/2 roasted duck* served with red cabbage, homemade dumplings and gravy.  It was scrumptious.
Roast duckling with cabbage and dumplings.
Ready to eat.
 We shared a dessert of homemade apple strudel topped with vanilla ice cream. 
Apple strudel.
The food was wonderful, and the service excellent. If you'd like a little something different, and if you enjoy European cuisine, you should try Klara's in Cary.
Klara's at night.  (Photo from their website.)
* There was a lot of duck in that 1/2, and we had some to take home.  I made duck soup but more about that in a future post.  Stay tuned.

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