Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Alphabet on Oberlin Road

Oberlin Road runs from Glenwood Avenue on the north to Hillsborough Street on the south, and if you travel along Oberlin you see that the "alphabet" is well represented.  Here's ABC to XYZ.
A the Allstate Insurance Company

Burnie Batchelor Photographer

Photo of my boys made in the early 80s by Burnie Batchelor, photographer.

Cameron Village Shopping Center

Exxon Station

Getting gas at the Exxon station.

Lots of y's in the crepe myrtle trees along Oberliln.

Zoe's Kitchen.
We live one block east of Oberlin, and we spend a lot of time on that street.  Our Harris Teeter grocery is in Cameron Village (also Goodberry's ice cream store), and we get most of our gas at the Exxon station down at the corner of Oberlin and Glenwood.  Zoe's is a good place for breakfast. 

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