Sunday, May 13, 2012

Walk Along Davis Street, May 12, 2012

The original first house on Davis Street.

Yesterday morning I took my camera along as I went up the street for a walk and took some random shots of the beautiful day and our beautiful neighborhood.  At the top of the street is the little rock house that belonged to Mr. Davis for whom the street is named. It has recently been completely renovated and has a new owner.  Some day I'm going to post a blog just about the little rock house. It is my favorite house on the street (except for ours of course).

Kim's steps and Bruce's.

Slow down around the curve in the street.

J.A.'s house across from us with lovely Boston ivy..

The Judge's new gate.

New kid in the neighborhood.  Welcome!

Pete and Carolyn's giant thistle ready to bloom.

Ferns in the cool, shady area around the creek.

Neighbors leaving food for the postal carrier for the Food Bank.

Oak-leaf hydrangea.
Art's home from Clemson and he's a rising senior.

We have a wonderful neighborhood!

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