Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Look Back: May Day Gardner-Webb College 1961

The Queen of May, Jackie Jones (DeLozier) with Jerry Walker, King of May.
Jackie Jones (DeLozier)

Jerry Walker.

In the early 1960s when I was teaching at Gardner-Webb (then Junior College), one of my duties was planning and supervising the May Day activities. In 1961, the theme of the May Day Program was "Alice in Wonderland", and I worked with a talented group of students who presented an outstanding program.  I've captured some stills from a home movie of the festivities.  Black and white photos are courtesy of Gardner-Webb University.*
Photo from The Anchor, courtesy of Gardner-Webb University.

Gale Weeks escorted by Jim McSwain.

Doris Hartley escorted by Joel Walker.

The flower girl and crown bearer.
Crown Bearer, Rickie Griffin and Flower Girl, Robin Stikeleather (Harpe).

The Alice in Wonderland Theme:
Alice (Gail Hall).

Gail tweaks White Rabbit (Photo from The Anchor, courtesy of Gardner-Webb University).

The White Rabbit (Bill Mauney).

Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum, Becky Taylor & Bobbie Oates (Photo from The Anchor, courtesy of Gardner-Webb University.)

Queen of Hearts, Carol Lou Hamrick and her court (Photo from The Anchor, courtesy of Gardner-Webb University.)

Dancers for the Maypole Dance.
Carol Lou Hamrick (left) and I unwrapped the May Pole after the festivities were over.

May Day Festivities were always a highlight of my days at GWU, but I understand they no longer celebrate May Day there in this way.

*Many thanks to Brad Vaughn of Gardner-Webb University Alumni Relations for locating and sending me photos of this event from The Anchor of 1962.

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