Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memory of All Who Served

Memorial Day 2012. 

My mother had three brothers all of whom served in World War II.  This blog is dedicated to  their memory.  Uncle Jay was the oldest of the three.  He served in North Africa.

Uncle Jay Dickens on right.

R.L. Dickens (Photo from my sister's FB post).

Uncle R.L. served in Germany and was in the Battle of the Bulge and in the Normandy invasion.  He had a number of medals including the Bronze Star. 
Uncle Charles Dickens.

Uncle Charles was the youngest and was only seventeen when he joined the army.  His older brothers were already serving.  He was captured in Germany and at first was listed as MIA.  I can barely remember my mother getting the news of this.  Later she learned he was a P.O.W..  He was a P.O.W. until the end of the war when the camp was liberated  by the Allied Forces.

It must have been very difficult for my grandmother having all three of her sons serving in the army during the war.  Fortunately, all three returned home safely.


  1. Enjoyed this post. Glad you had a
    picture of Jay, esp. in his uniform.
    I did not have one of him to post on FB.
    They all three were handsome young men,
    course I am prejudice. :-)

    1. Well I have one of all three, but I couldn't find the one for R.L. so I was glad to see yours on FB and I was able to capture it and use it, so I went in and edited the post. Originally I had included another pic of RL,but not with his uniform on. They were all handsome indeed. I'll send you a copy of the one of Jay.