Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grandpa Jim Hawkins

My Greatgrandfather (front right with white beard), my grandmother (front left) and my grandfather (back right)
Since I've been here in Cleveland County for the last few days, I've discovered the Broad River Genealogical Society and their resources.  In one of the Cleveland County Heritage books, Volume II, I found a photograph of my Greatgrandfather James Bryant Hawkins (my paternal Grandmother's father) and his family.  The photo in the book was not very good, and my scan turned out even worse, but still you can kind of see what they were like.

Grandpa Jim was born in 1835 and served in the Civil War including the battle of Gettysburg and was wounded in the arm.  He returned home from the War and married Mary Lytton.  They had six children, including my grandmother, Dora Eliza (born 1871).  When Dora was three years old her mother died, but James married two more times.  By the time the above photo was taken his third wife had died.  Dora married my grandfather, James Lane Greene and they had eight children including my father Henry Erman Greene.

My grandfather was ten years older than Grandma, and he was her teacher in school.  She said that he once brought her an apple to school. Usually the students took apples to the teacher, not vice versa.

Dan has been interested in genealogy since I've known him, and he has traced his ancestry all the way back to Scotland.  Perhaps I'll spend a little more time tracing mine now that I've found the local Genealogical Society.  That's all I need---another project.
Broad River Genealogical Society in Shelby, NC


  1. Jim Hawkins was my great-great-grandfather. Carrie Hawkins Wilson Bridges was my great-grandmother. Hi, cousin!

    1. I remember aunt Carrie. She was my grandmothers sister. Who is your mother/father?