Friday, May 25, 2012

Dick Tracy Comics: 1947

Dick Tracy
When I was a child growing up in Cleveland County, our family subscribed to the Charlotte Observer newspaper which was delivered by the rural mail carrier each morning with the delivery of the regular mail.  For some reason, I followed Dick Tracy in the comic strips.  During the summer or 1947, two of the characters in this comic strip BO Plenty and Gravel Gertie were expecting a baby.  There was great interest throughout the country (and especially in my family) as to what this baby was going to look like.  I remember rushing out to get the paper on the morning (May 30, 1947) the baby's appearance was expected to appear in the comics. 

Gravel Gertie

Readers couldn't wait to find out what the child of these two homely parents would be .   How revolting ugly could it be??? She turned out to be a beautiful baby with long blonde hair and was named Sparkle Plenty.  The Ideal toy company immediately produced a Sparkle Plenty doll that was one of the most popular dolls ever sold.
Sparkle Plenty
Being in Shelby the past week and looking back through old newspapers jogged my memory about this comic strip.  And no I never had a Sparkle Plenty doll.

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