Saturday, May 5, 2012

Copper River Grill

Last Saturday night Shelby friends Charles and Sue and I ventured down to Boiling Springs, South Carolina to try out a restaurant that had been recommended.  I didn't realize there was a BS SOUTH Carolina and not that far from Boiling Spring, North Carolina.  The Copper Grill was quite busy including a number of high school students who were having dinner before their prom.  The restaurant has high ceilings---almost barn-like---and it was quite noisy because of the acoustics.  But the service was good, the prices reasonable, and the food good.
Vegetable marinara.

The servings were much too big.  I chose the vegetable marinara which was very tasty and included lots of artichokes and olives along with the usual tomatoes. It was easily enough for two people.  As a side, the baked sweet potato with butter and a cinnamon/honey sauce would have made for a meal by itself, and it was delicious.

Each of us had a baked sweet potato.
Charles chose the grilled salmon.

Charles greets prom-goers.
Some of the young people having dinner before their prom attend the same church as Charles and Sue.

I was happy to try a new restaurant, and I had a delightful visit with friends Charles and Sue.

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