Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Confederate Jasmine

Confederate Jasmine.
The Confederate Jasmine that is growing on the wall of the garage just outside our bedroom window produces a wonderful fragrance that is intoxicating on these cool nights when we can leave our windows open.  In fact, the fragrance permeates the whole backyard.  We have this vine growing in four different places in the yard.
On side of garage just outside our bedroom window.

Near back door of garage.

Contrary to its name, Confederate jasmine is not a true jasmine. It is not native to North Carolina but is actually native to China and is known scientifically as Trachelospermum jasminoides. It flowers in early spring and summer and produces clusters of small, white flowers that produce a wonderful fragrance.
Small fragrant flowers produced in clusters.

On east side of fence in backyard.
Creeping through the fence on the front patio.

The plant is an evergreen vine and is quite easy to grow.  It produces a milky, sticky sap so you need to clean your pruning shears immediately after pruning.  I have one friend who refuses to grow it because it gunks up her pruning tools.

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