Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chocolate Pumpkin Snack Cake

I was thinking grandson Tyler might be here after school the other day, so I made this cake to have a healthy snack ready for him.  The recipe is from Linda Watson's Wildly Affordable Organic cookbook.  The Cookbook Book Club's choice for June is this book, and I am trying out some of the recipes to decide what dish I will take to the meeting.  Tyler didn't stop by on Thursday, so Dan and I enjoyed the snack ourselves, and I had a piece the next morning for breakfast.  Tyler will be here next Tuesday, so perhaps I'll have a reason to make this cake again.  I'm certain there won't be any left by then, although I think it would freeze well.
Here's the recipe from Linda's book.
I had all the ingredients on hand, and this was quick to make.  It is very light, moist, delicious and healthy---whole wheat flour and pumpkin.
Chocolate Pumpkin Snack Cake.

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