Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Broad River Greenway or "Take me to the Water"

View across the Broad River from the Greenway to sandbars on other side.

Friend PJ and I went for a walk along the Broad River Greenway down below Boiling Springs on Sunday afternoon.  This park or greenway wasn't here when I lived in Cleveland County.  I just remember crossing the Broad River Bridge when traveling from Boiling Springs to Gaffney, SC.  The Greenway is  a very nice place to walk along the River, and it was quite crowded with folks picnicking, hiking, swimming, and just enjoying the beautiful afternoon..
The pathways are nice and wide.

Playground for children along the way.

Nice place to rest and enjoy the view.

We even observed an old-fashioned baptism in the River by a group from a Baptist church in Shelby.  I guess this was the common way of baptizing back in the 19th century and early 20th century before churches had baptismal pools.  I suppose my grandparents were baptized in this manner. 
 Baptism in the Broad River.

Benediction after the baptisms. Notice the young girl in her white baptismal gown.
 This reminds me of the old gospel "Take Me To The Water" sung here by Nina Simone.

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