Tuesday, April 10, 2012

U Pick Strawberries

Strawberry fields, forever.
One advantage of the early Spring we're having this year is that strawberries are ripe and the fields are open for picking.  On Good Friday I ventured out north of town to Hunt's Farm to perform my annual ritual of picking strawberries at a U Pick. It's usually the first to the middle of May before the fields are open, but not this year.
Flower and fruit of the strawberry plant.

My bucket of strawberries.
You're never too young (nor too old I might add) to pick strawberries.
Fresh picked strawberries ready to enjoy
There's nothing like a bowl of fresh strawberries just plucked from the vines for an afternoon snack.  And I can't wait to make strawberry shortcake and strawberry pie.  YUM!  Stay tuned.

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