Saturday, April 14, 2012

These Shoes Are Made for Walking---Or Not.

Colorful and made for walking.

Colorful and definitely NOT made for walking.

The other morning I needed something from Williams-Sonoma's so instead of going to the gym I headed to Crabtree Valley Mall and walked there before the stores opened.  When W-S opened at ten I had finished my walk and was ready to shop.

There were just a few, mostly elderly, folks walking there early in the morning.
Couple walking hand-in-hand.  Sweet.

Plenty of carts if you want to walk with a young child.

Passed by the bakery and then Godiva's Chocolate store.

Bakery---keep walking.

Godiva's---keep walking.

Passed the Build-a-Bear store.

I liked the sign in one of the store windows.

I'm still playing.

Tired of walking?  Have a rest.
Rest if needed.

 I finished my walk, W-S opened, I did my shopping and was back home by 10:30.

Williams-Sonoma one of my favorite shops at Crabtree Valley Mall.

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