Thursday, April 12, 2012

Past Travels: African Safari, Fall 2008

In the fall of 2008 Dan and I led a group of Duke University Alumni on safari in Kenya and Tanzania.  Here are some photos from that trip:
Crocodile sunning on shore (Photo taken with telephoto lens).
Elephant mother and baby.
Dancing with the villagers.

Game watching.

Slippery roads leaving the game park.
Dan and I were in the landrover that turned over.  Fortunately, we had the top closed because we were not going to be game-watching, and just a few minutes before we turned over I had asked if everyone had their seat belts on.  We all did and nobody was hurt.  Fellow travelers in the landrover behind us were able to get our top (which was now on the side) open and we crawled out. Using another landrover they managed to upright the vehicle, and we made our way on to Nairobi safely.

Giraffe browsing.

Mother with her baby.


Water buffalo.

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