Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Herb Class at Logan's

Herb Class at Logan's Garden Shop
Logan's One Stop Garden Shop is one of my favorite places to buy plants and other items for the garden.  This past Saturday I attended a class on raising and using herbs.  We have had a nice rosemary plant for several years now where I can get fresh rosemary whenever I need it.  In the summers at Marble Mountain I usually grow several kinds of basil and chives.  But Terry Harper of Logan's introduced me to several new herbs in the class on Saturday.  She covered the ins and outs of growing herbs as well as how to use them in cooking. 
Good crowd to learn about growing herbs.
Terry Harper of Logan's is very knowledgeable about growing and using herbs.
Logan's is located in the space that formerly housed the Seaboard Railway station, and trains still pass by as one did during the lecture on Saturday. 
Train in background passing by during the class.
Logan's has a great selection of herbs.
Basil at Logan's
I hope everyone protected their basil because it was COLD last night.
I think I'll experiment with growing a few more herbs this summer.  If you're in Raleigh, you might want to check out Logan's One Stop Garden Shop.

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