Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April 1

I tried to think of something I could post that would be a good April Fool's joke on those who might read my blog today, but I wasn't able, so I'll just wish everyone a Happy April First.

I do remember a good joke my Mom played on me one April Fool's Day though.  Dan was in Africa on sabbatical, and I was spending the weekend at Mama's.  Early on April Fool's Day I got some kind of joke on her, and after doing so I was commenting on (probably bragging about) the fact that rarely anyone got an April Fool's joke on me.  That I was always on guard.

Later in the day I was working out in her garden, and Mama came to the back door and called, "Dan's on the phone for you."  Dan did sometimes call from Africa, and I think it had been a while since I had talked with him.  I ran to the house eager to talk with him and into the house where Mama had the telephone off the hook on the end table.  I picked up the phone and said, "Hello---. Hello---, Hello--- Dan?".  I thought he was having trouble hearing me and that there was a weak connection. About that time Mama said, "Hardly anyone ever gets an April Fool's joke on me." 

I think about this every April Fool's, and I no longer declare that I'm not likely to be fooled.

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