Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bison Burgers for Supper

Bison Burger.
We're not much of a hamburger fan, but boy do we like bison burgers.  When I was in Costco and Trader Joe's on Saturday I looked for ground bison, but no luck.  Kroger's, on the other hand, did have it, and I bought a pound.  It's a bit more expensive than hamburger, but it is a much leaner meat, and we prefer it to hamburger.  I was going to fire up the grill, but the weather looked a bit threatening so I just cooked the burgers in the frying pan with a little olive oil.  I find it is necessary to add a little oil because of the lack of fat in the bison meat. 
Bison burgers with salt and pepper ready for the pan.

I just add salt and pepper and it's ready to go.

Bison burgers cooking in just a bit of olive oil.

Burger on top of a Trader Joe's whole wheat bun with slaw and condiments and side of potato salad and tomatoes.
Supper's ready.

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